How long have you kept your 7 day streaks?


How long have you kept you 7 day streaks without losing any day of it?


I play Pokémon GO everyday


I’ve got no way of checking. It might go back as far as waiting for my new work phone to arrive over 12 months ago.


I had it going for a good while but somehow I forgot to get to Pokemon one day threw me off


I lost my 7 day streak once, on Xmas monday in 2016 (did we have 7 day already then? if not then it was 2017). It was the only time i actually forgot to play. My 7 day is now in monday, lost 1 day due to this.

Never lost a day with quest stamps though.


I can’t believe it, but I keep the streaks since this feature is available… It’s not even as hard as it sounds. I have spawn points at home and as long as I leave the house there is always a Pokéstop or gym on my way. On the rare days I don’t intend to leave the house (no work, no running,…), I pull myself together and walk the short way to my nearest stop…


That is cool


Since I have a Pokestop right in front of my home, I only broke the streak when I was robbed and had to wait for a new phone to arrive!


I can’t keep the streak but longest is 3 months


The only time I broke the streak was on vacation back in August when I couldn’t get the game to load for a day and a half.


Lost it the 5th of May this year. Liberation day here in the Netherlands.


What do you do on that day?


Liberated his streak.


We celebrate the liberation from the nazis. That world war 2 had ended. So everyone just gets kinda drunk on that day :sweat_smile:


Oh we celebrate also because we won against the Nazis.
@Robdebobrob we fought on the same side.


World war 2 is Japan vs Singapore
Sadly Singapore lost :cry::cry::sob::sob::sob::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::rage::crying_cat_face::pouting_cat::imp: and took over Singapore for I think a few years but when a bomb landed in Japan they went back but a lot of people died :pensive: