How I created voice commands for PvP battles



Hey everyone, just wanted to share a weekend project I did to enhance PvP battles using voice commands rather than tapping on screen. Check it out and let me know what you think. Thanks!


Wow @ that charge move. It’s like auto max power. :exploding_head:


I can’t even get my own kid to PvP battle me anymore.


Wow ,that’s cool as hell!


Badass dude


Can someone write an article about this and tweet this to the YouTubers, because this is revolutionary!


I put a sign on our copy machine that it was voice command controlled. Had a bunch of people try talking to the copier.


Wish you’d mentioned this earlier as our whole business just changed over all the Printer/Copiers. I’m sure I could have got a heap with that one when the new ones went in 4 weeks agao.


Yea my kid lasted 5 min. Then wanted to do something else.


The copy machine idea would be funnier if you added some suggested phrases. :wink: