How far has your buddy walked?


Change my buddy 2-5 days ago


Its honestly ridiculous
They want me so soend almost 400 bucks to get 2 pokemon


? Its like 10 a week :wink:




Changed my buddy today



A new record for me… 1000 kilometers


Why do you walk so much with Heracross is he rare in your area


50.8 at the moment. Walking a Finneon so I can get the Lumineon entry.


Heracross doesn’t spawn where I live. I got it from a trade with a friend who went south to where they spawn. I have been walking it to get candy to power it up, plus I dint hsv3 anything else I really need candy fir at 5he moment.


I was wondering they spawn all along the coast here in Texas


But he lives in Nebraska lol


Ooh, I was from Nebraska. I wasn’t there when Pokemon GO came out, but yeah, I feel that.

I’m at 70.7 km now. Adventure Sync is WAY too helpful lol


This is a crazy personal achievement, congratulations :blush:


557.1 kilometers overall for my Floatzel. I’m working on getting the 248 candy to level it up eventually. I have plans to use it as an Ultra League option. Only 62 more candy to go.


Is it 100???


No, but it is 96% with perfect Attack. Worked for me. Not to mention I really don’t have anything else to walk.


I guess I gonna walk to Forever with my one and only Meltan if I do wish it to evolve :joy:

At least 20km x 350++ = 7K Kms minimum :tired_face:


I had considered walking my Meltan, but it’s not the best IVs, and I will be getting a Switch as soon as I get enough money, which will be this year.