How extreme special is this?


This was at the same time, look at top of screen to check(also seen 2 dragonites)
And the funny thing, im a rural


The first screenshot makes relative sense. It’s partly cloudy weather so there would be normal type spawns like a Snorlax (though it’s still rare). The second one is (IMO) rarer because that Vaporeon wasn’t there because of the weather so a Slakoth just happening to spawn next to it is very odd.


that’s hecka lucky tbh, gimme some of that


I also saw a Snorlax in partly cloudy weather


And im a rural lol


Omg do not have snorlax, slakoth I really want, and vaporeon I want.


is that where you live?


I have enough for Slaking but I have a horrible Vigoroth




Oh i have a 1400 simply amazing vigoroth i caught in the wild and I only have 30 candies as slakoth is pretty rare here.


Mine is not likely (Mystic) I should’ve appraised it…


I’m level 19, caught a Snorlax (CP 1855, 2500 stardust, Slightly Cloudy), and I’ve evolved an Altaria, Aggron, found a Shiny Poochyena today, and caught a Crobat this morning. But I hatched a Trapinch, only gave me 16 candy :unamused:


Go catch that Snorlax!


Caught it, it were older screenshots
(1500 cp)


Go rural players!


Wow I don’t have Nosepass




Yes —> I’m also a rural-likely person


Im spammmed with Nosepass


Mostly I have that I am on a place, and when I go away (because I need to do something), a minute later a Nosepass appears there. Sad. Sad. Sad.