How do you name your Pokemon?


What system do you guys use for naming Pokemon?
My personal system is:
(Move 1)/(Move 2)(IV%)(Best Stat)(Level)
The only problem with this system is the space. For example if I take my snorlax with zen headbutt and heavy slam and attack defence and hp all 13 to level 29.5 then that would be a huge mess of ‘ZH/HS87DHA29.5’ which would simply not fit into the naming system. On the opposite side if I have a pound/psychic blissey level 30 with 96% (15/14/14) then it would be ‘P/P96H30’. It is pretty rare for either to happen but this is how i name my pokemon, so how do you guys name yours?


There is already a thread posted before:


I name mine by a summary of it’s moves and IV’s. So my Snorlax would be ZH/HB 87%.It’s a whole lot cleaner and I can remember all my movesets because of that particular Pokémon’s typing so say if I say SB on my Gengar and my Exeggutor I’d know that my Gengar can’t learn Solar Beam so the SB must mean either Sludge Bomb or Shadow Ball and then I summarize it further if the Pokémon can learn 2 moves with the same moveset summary. So my gengar with Shadow Ball would be SHB and the one with Sludge Bomb would be SLB.