How do experiences differ by major geographic region?


Which major geographic region do you live in?
What level are you? How many Pokestops and Gyms are in your area? How many spawns are nearby? What is your highest CP Pokemon? Are there enough people in your town to complete raids?

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Its also funny that you are doing something geographical and you are named @Mapman42


Europe - rural

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I do not see any pokestops nearby when I open the game but live about 15 minutes away walking from 2.


I see a lot of pokestops and gyms but basically no high level players. Spawns are decent.
What level are you?
How many Pokestops and Gyms are in your area?
About 30 across the whole town.
How many spawns are nearby?
Quite a lot - my guess is 200.
What is your highest CP Pokemon?
Around 3500 cp.
Are there enough people in your town to complete raids? Basically never.


Level 36 (Had more than 1 year hiatus, been playing actively since March, beginning at level 26.)
5 stops and 3 gyms very near, more than enough within easy walking distance.
3 spawn spots right over where I live, but if I want to really go hunting, I go to the city center. 1 nest within 100 meters of where I live.
Mewtwo at 3380CP
Usually yes, this is a university town, though depends on the time and the gym.


Canada Mixed with rural and suburbs

Downtown is many stops for ex: Toronto
But not many in other cities or uptown


Europe, level 39, about 10 gyms that I can see without moving, strongest is my 4060 Kyogre
Almost always yes

  1. There is 1 when i open the game down the street but a park with 5 stops 10 mins down the road in my car. My highest is my slaking at 4159. On the weekends a group of 4-10 ppl drive around the city and do them. But on weekdays its rare to do t5, so mostly stick to tier 3ā€™s or 2ā€™s.


Forgot to add, my stronget was 4150 something Slaking until I deleted it


U really deleted a 4000+ā€¦


It was a Slaking


North American Suburban. I can see 1 Gym and 2 Pokestops from my house. My highest CP Pokemon is Slaking who is over 4000 but is only useful in defending Gyms. I have used Discord to coordinate raids since December and have caught each available Legendary since then.


I live in a very rural area but go to school in the middle of a city, so half the year Iā€™m urban, the other half rural.


Europe, urban. I can see 15 pomestops and gyms from my house, and 7 of those are gyms. My highest cp mon is a 3604 cp 15/11/15 iv mewtwo of level 34. I have two groups in whattsapp for raids in town, and two for the town and the region around it, one for the region between The Hague and Rotterdam, one for delft, and three discord groups for delft, according to teams. They also organise raids.

I bike to delft to go to school, and I can get 12 gyms (11 are gold gym badges) and 14 pokestops on the way there, in under 25 minutes.

I am at level 36, and have a total of 8,528 Million exp


TL40. Many - I have 6 gyms in walking distance. There are 4 spawn points in my driveway. Highest is 4067 Groudon. Yes lots of people to raid with in my local area.


North America surburban, very close to urban.