How active are you?


How active are you in PokemonGo, are you as active as you used to be?

Do you get your daily done? Are you struggling to still have fun?

i personally don’t play as much. I miss days for stamps. I never battle anymore. Don’t got all sinnoh evolutions. Just simply bored of this game now. Since i got my new phone i downloaded many other games.

I don’t even gift anyone anymore sigh

How active are you in PokemonGo

  • Slightly
  • Very active
  • Very casual
  • Not active
  • Got bored sorry

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At the very least, I keep my streaks alive.


Still quite active but starting to get fatigued with a couple areas of the game.
I still spin at least 1 Stop/Gym a day.
I still catch something each day.
I still battle Gym(s) each day.
I often miss doing a Raid every day or sometimes consecutive days in a row.
I don’t do multiple raids a day much anymore. Looking at my Spread Sheet my total Raids have dropped by 50-60%. Mainly due to no longer willing to pay $1 per extra Pass to continually catch throw away junk as I cant Trade my way to a better one.
I no longer go out of my way to chase Ex Raid Passes.
I no longer change my work times or take days off to attend Ex Raids.
I no longer bother sending daily Gifts off the Wife and Kids accounts.
I some times miss their Spin or catch Streaks.


i fear when the newer generations come out aka the ones i know less about, that I will drift further a way from the game.


I know a lot of the Gen 6 and 7 because I watched the cartoons with my kids. It’s 4 and 5 that I don’t know much about.


I still keep my daily streaks alive and send/open gifts. I typically catch a few Pokemon a day, but 1-2 times a week, I will “hunt” for an hour or so. I also still hatch eggs daily.

I don’t do gym battles anymore at all. I just don’t care enough about them and they don’t benefit me enough. I also used to catch EVERYTHING, but I definitely don’t do that anymore. The spawns are just too repetitive for that now and several Pokemon (Diglett, Meowth, etc) I ignore completely.


It’s harder to play now but im a casual


Definitely harder. Weather/events/new stuff just the fact i played so much. Not asking for anything really just harder for myself personally.


events are worse now and tooo much lag


Last event : Couldn’t log in for clamperl. Makes me play other games> becomes less active :sob::man_shrugging:t5:


so laggy during that event. sorry bout what happened to u


I couldnt quit if i wanted to.
Managing our Instinct whatsapp. Hardly any work there. Adding people once a week or something isnt really anything.
Managing the telegram raid channel + bot is quite some work though. The bot cleans up most stuff, but some messages need to be removed by hand from the channel.
Then the bot itself is luckilly managed by someone whos muuuuuuuuch better at it then me. Im charged with adding all new stops (for reporting quests) and gyms (for reporting raids). Then theres changing raid bosses when they change, and explaining how stuff works to new (or ignorant) users.
Some days i spend more time for the community than actually playing :stuck_out_tongue:

So far im not tired of it yet. I still keep my catch, spin and research streaks going. It helps that i live on a pokestop.
Depending on work schedule i might skip a raid a day, but i thats the most enjoyable part of the game for me ATM so i try not to.
Battling and defending gyms… not so much anymore. Theres one that was added recently that i want gold, but other than that i dont really go out of my way to take over gyms anymore.


i just need 2 more days of coins so i can recieve another ultra box then i give up on gyms for a while.


The lag issue may be more carrier or device based. I’ve talked to a number of local players and it seems the only ones who have issues have service with sprint which has horrible service here.


Well in my country i am with the best phone company and i was told the game was down for many people at that moment. I got a new phone so it cannot be my phone neither.


What country?

I’m not saying there is no issues, but it doesn’t seem to be global issue. I also know that certain android devices (not iPhone or Samsung devices) have issues.

I also know there are carrier issues, there are a ton of locations locally where players with Sprint or a regional carrier have problems connecting not just to the game but are barely getting any internet service.


Canada. Also not saying it was just me, i checked discord and it was global during that event.


I play Hardcore 2 days a week now compared to five or six last year I usually have good service but in our raid group there are a few players whose phone freeze up at four locations in town one of which happens to be our only EX Gym


Some of the events have definitely caused me to play less. I’m fine with the frequency of them, I just usually dislike the execution and feel like we’re sometimes flooded with an abundance of Pokemon that no one really wants. On top of that, events bottleneck an already questionable spawn rate.

I don’t expect it to rain rare Pokemon all day, but when I walk around for 2-3 hours and (mostly) see the same 3-4 Pokemon out of HUNDREDS of possibilities, it’s discouraging.


I understand that where I live mainly just ground and normal-type spawned every now and then you might see a Dratini