Highest kill count


66258F34-6FEE-4531-8349-3F757EFB710FAs title says what has been your highest kill count in a sitting in a single gym.

Mines probably 1 or 2 lol my mon arent weak but it is easier to defeat a defender. Also i noticed sometimes if one of my mons die by a defender their kill count doesnt go up. So with that in mind it may be higher.

Whats yours?

edit- to clarify i mean when your mon is defending and win a fight an earns a victory point(beside timer when in gym)


Like beating Pokemon in a row?
My power-upped Metagross, Tyranitar, Dragonite, Kyogre, and all of that easily sweep the entire gym if its low enough without dying (especially Metagross, that thing is a monster)


66258F34-6FEE-4531-8349-3F757EFB710FI mean defending a gym. Where your mon is the defender and it says beside the timer if it defeated a mon.


Oooh ok
Cant find that, I only have one mon in a gym and it wasnt attacked yet


The kill count is very inaccurate i believe. But mine is usually 0 or 1 and maybe 2 once before can’t remember but if you check the actual gym it’s self it shows more kills(those are what you got from winning in attack mode not defense)


Mines also normally 0 or 1 also.