Hey lets make this one for questions that you shouldn't ask, but no inappropriate ones


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I feel like this is a bad idea, but I’ll keep an open mind.


Exactly, ask what you want, but don’t wait for an appropiate answer…

There’s a saying: there are no inappropiate questions, but a lot of inappropiate answers…


INB4 this topic is deleted.
If its inapprotoriate to ask, dont ask it. Especially the spoofing example… thats a good way to get topics closed or removed.


How is it a good way to get topics removed?


Hes asking how to spoof on a place that doesnt want to promote spoofing. Even if it is an example…


That isn’t promotion, that’s just a question
Promoting spoofing would be talking about the benefits it has

I’ll say it again, this is Pokémon Go Hub, not Anti-Spoofer Hub
If he just needs help, be it with playing legit or not (keep in mind that multiple accounts, maps, trackers, and lending accounts to others is cheating as well), he is free to ask
If he tries to brag about what he caught by cheating, or just annoy others, then he deserves to get his topic locked


None of this is serious


@Necrozmadabest, your not right. He was asking about how to spoof… that’s not the same than discusing a thing.

“How to construct a bomb?” “It’s not, that I want to use it, it’s only I want to discuss it…”


The problem with the bomb is that he would want to use it, that’s not a problem of spoofing


No,here’s the same