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…well if he has a different Shadow Legendary every month, then I will be fighting him a lot.


So how does all this battle more than one Giovanni at the end of the current quests work?
Don’t tell me the whole series of quests has to redone again for a second encounter?
If I have to do the purify 15 again I’ll never get to a second encounter now they’ve made 1K Purify Shadows scarce.


after I did Giovanni I started to stack Zubatt/Magicarp/Weedle - I have 28 of them now… plus 5 more I want to keep (Duskul FFF, Hound FED,Growlith DFF, Wobbuffe EFE, Ralts FCF) - waiting with purification when I will get the task next month :wink:


LOL … I was only speculating/wishing for new different legendary every month (it kind of mad sense for me) - and Niantic just announced that it will be this way :smile:



Making some good progress on this one.
Powering up some Melmetal and giving them duel Charge Moves of Rock Slide:Superpower has made smashing out the Battles quicker than previously.