Hero badge




Got the bronze hero badge for the first 10 grunts defeated. No burning desire for more than that. I think I’d rather have my Team Rocket on the Hub than in the game, anyway…

Or it could just be that today’s announcement has got me preoccupied by thoughts of RAYQUAZA. I plan to raid my brains out during August in pursuit of that shiny space snake.



No Snorlax or Dratini sighted reward and no IV over 82%


I still only did the 4 for the quest,





Almost 20% on the way to Gold.



Bit past 25% now.


Almost 1/3 of the way there.


Telling the truth it is one of my favourite parts of the game. Yes, it could be boring, but 1 on 50 mon received from Rockets is an exceptional one (95%+) , plus they act like lucky ones in regards to training.
I cannot wait to get nice Lapras from there…


Bit over 1/2 way, nice work.
If the rate is 1/50 having IV of 96%+ then I’m getting duded just like my very poor Shiny rate.
I’ve only got 3 so far that meet that number and they all happened to be Zubat line (2x Zubat, 1x Golbat)
That makes my rate around a lousy 1/100


Here is my purified stack:
Telling the truth sometimes (mostly for zubat or rat) I just leave without catching it.


That’s funny that you leave those as they are the ones I do Purify due to their low cost. It may take me longer to complete that medal but I’m not using triple or 5x the Dust to get it.
I don’t collect Purified Pokémon.


But then you are talking about another badge:

As you can see I do not purify all I catch. In fact this 27 are those shown above and first 10 which have been required to finish scenario quest. I am still on the stage where every drop of sturdust count - so purifying rats and bats seems like waste…
But you are making good point… Maybe I should spare 2000 stardust every day anyway…


Still no Shadow Lapras.


I’m up to 75 … but I’ve only purified maybe 5? lol