Help with softban for catching


another explanination is maybe niantic soft ban and bann in an automateic procc ,maybe they start that automatic bann procedure and now they will slowly refine it,unfortunly to get it into perfection they gota test it,it also make sense there is milion of players ingame if they invistigate and do it handmade they will never have the manpower for it so they gota enforce the law via automatic procedure.


From the email i got. They seem to be tweaking it. So this was basically first of many to come.

  1. Thats shadow ban, not softban
  2. 90% of those who use 3rd parties on iOS were shadowbanned, not 90% of iOS users


Tell that to the people on twitter who dont use iv or spoof.


Tell them what?


Still odd, in my raid group, which seems to be about 50/50 for android and iOS users, noone was banned in any way. The only one I haven’t seen in gyms the past two days is a known spoofer.

Sure, bans may at times hit the wrong people. And the shadowban for catching exceptionally many pokemons has been around for a long while as well. But I do get the feeling that the couple of legits who got banned get magnified. Not to mention, there will always be spoofers and people using account log-in systems for IV checking who will claim innocence.


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