Help with level up lucky egg questions


I am new to the forum and just started playing again in the last few months.

I have a question about the best way to level up.
I have been saving my evolves, and I currently have 18 to evolve that have not been evolved yet.

If I use a lucky egg will it double everything?

Would I be better off waiting until the community day on the 21 to get double and if I use a luck egg will I get quadruple?

Sorry I searched the forum and didn’t see if this was answered anywhere.

I am just glad I am back to playing (work blocked the app last time)
My wife and I love it.

I’m currently a level 23


You should probably get some more pokemon to evolve first.

Also you won’t get extra xp on the community day.


Agree with BBBox, I would wait til you can evolve 40-50 Pokemon, then pop a lucky egg and have at it. A lucky egg will double your XP, enabling you to level up faster.

I think the only bonus on the upcoming community day, is that eggs will hatch 4x faster. I recall a community day a number of months ago that did offer 2x XP. I popped a lucky egg and I indeed got quadruple XP.


For even more efficiency, do t when you get Some ultra/best friends too!


And i am glad there is at least one person loopings if there was anything on it.


cough friend code stuff


For a good Lucky Egg evolve session you should have around 60-70.
Nothing worse than getting 20min into a Lucky Egg and running out of evolution’s.
If you don’t already have them you’ll get extra for the new Pokemon.
Another good way is to do T5 Raids and try to get a couple under the 1 Lucky egg or you could do one Raid under Egg then spam evolve for the rest of the Egg time.


Agree with @NotanotherKangaskhan, better save 70-80 mons for 30-min mass evolution section with a lucky egg, more mons saved do not hurt, you can transfer it afterward.

Or pop a lucky egg on CD with catch xp bonus, like last month’s triple catch xp, with a lucky egg that’s 6 times of regular xp.


Thanks for the replies. I think I misspoke. I have 19 that will evolve to a new one and then around 15 that I can just evolve. but still I think ill wait until I have around 50+ to do at once to maximize.
Also I am 13 and 15 days out to my first ultra friends

thanks again


19 to evolve to a new one means about 50,000 xp.

Ultra Friends would give 50,000, but with lucky egg 100k.