Help help help!


Does anyone know what this means I can’t log in

I am using the same device I always have


Same here with a Facebook account. Well, it’s bedtime, I will take a look tomorrow…


Mine is Google and good to know


Google says my account doesnt exist, PTC cant log in
No idea whats happing in their server rooms

EDIT: PTC works for me now


Looks like a server outage according to Seems to have resolved now.


I got it working I had to update the game delete the cache and the data and then it worked I suggest you try this as well


Thanks, but just waiting was enough. Now it works again


This happened within a week since the last server outage? What is up with the server?


The server is doing its usual Niantic business
Maybe its more common now because of all the events bringing people to the game more and more often