Help! am i banned?!?


I keep getting this, i didnt cheat or spoof, other apps can get my location.


The gps signal is not found. Were you in an isolated building?


You aren’t banned. I have had the same. You have an iPhone?


Yeah but im already there for 3 hours and it just happendedcand the other 3 hours i didnt get it


Yeah SE


That explains it. The walls are too thick i guess to receive/send your gps signal


Then whats happening?


I know an option how to fix.


In what kind of building are you


But it did work last 3 hours i didnt move


Sometimes it receives the signal, sometimes it doesn’t.


Centro oberhausen


At the mall?




I used have this it’s fine try when have better servive


Im going outside now testing if it will work


Sometimes when I am at a certain location it also doesn’t receive my gps signal. Just move to a place where satellites or telephone poles signals can reach you. If you are between 1 m of concrete (beton) I understand it doesn’t receive your signal

At safari zone amstelveen I did not receive a signal when I was inside the building of the mall


If not, I’ll help you. I know how to fix it.


Thanks guys hope this will work and if it doesnt im sad cus i already tried almost everything


ITS WORKING LOL IM STILL INSIDE :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:
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