Hello I would like to trade some shinies


Hello people, I’m French, I wanted to know if any of you would do some trading with me:stuck_out_tongue:
I am living in Paris but i’m travelling cuz of my job.
Maybe I got some interesting pkms for you… or not :smiley:
I’m looking for some Snorunt, if you guys could Help me to find some :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I got tons of shiny legendary,all CD and some others aswell
Please Help! :heart:


You need to be 100m of each other to trade.


Thats why he said where he lives


Yes, i’ m from Paris ans I know how trading is working lol
I just suscribed here to get any chance to achieve my shiny dex, I’ve heard that you got some snorunt to the go fest, I only went to Dortmund event…
So if you are interested in some trading, PM me I got approximatively 150 ✧✧✧


If you want snoring they are much more common right now outside of go fest