Have you ever noticed that whenever there's an exclusive event going on somewhere your defenders last longer in gyms?


I have noticed this for a long while now but never brought it up. Just recently Taiwan had an event and just like other regional events in the past all gyms near me had pokémon in them that lasted for days with the exception of maybe one or 2 coming back but notin waves. I mean it was great. I got gold in some. As soon as the event ended my pokémon started coming back like crazy. It was like a light switch was cut on.

I think you can pretty much tell why this happened. GPS hacking. Spoofers port over to exclusive events and play in those areas for the entirety of whatever the event is and when it’s all done they spoof back to their regularly scheduled program. People not bothered by spoofers often ask “what does that have to do with you”? I usually do not answer back or just block them. It’s an augmented reality game. Figure it out.


That makes sense, also ONE MILLION PLAYERS went to Taiwan, generating 1.5 billion dollars.

Thats roughly 1% of the active playerbase, so the same happened to me.


Well, what do the spoofers that leave once the event ends have to do with you getting your Pokemon back the minute the event ended?


You’re taking it too literal. It’s like saying if I eat one more French fry I’ll die. Anyway, once an event is over pokémon that were untouched for days start coming back in waves. At any given time my pokémon will sit in a gym under 24hrs if I’m lucky. When there’s an exclusive event going on for a few days my pokémon last a lot longer. That is my point.


See? Spoofers do have a negative impact on gyms.


Gyms are meant to be taken nonstop. Never to be held more than 8 hours 20 minutes. Anything above that is for another day. Kinda pointless to have something stay for 2+ days. :man_shrugging:t5:

i guess im getting blocked now, for saying this but oh well.


Kind of disagree, if you cant take gyms very well or know that you wont be able to, its better to have more than one and try to stay in overnight


I always do nightshift. I drop about 2-4 pokemon around 8PM and watch them till 10:30 then it’s a free for all who ever lasts past 12. I wake up everyday with coins.


Just get 20 gyms everyday and I bet you will get your 50 coins.


People shouldn’t have to take 20 gyms a day to get coins.

If that is the only way to get 50 coins then either, spoofers are around, there’s lots of legit players around who only care about themselves and believe they must be in 20 gyms at a time forcing everyone else to do the same, or there aren’t enough gyms in the area for everyone to share.

I used to be able to get away with taking 20 one day a week and they slowly came back over the next week, eventually I was having to do it twice a week and then daily. I just take quiet gyms now and if I don’t get knocked out when I want, I ask someone to knock me out. As I’ve been gradually increasing the number of gyms in my area, the issue of being knocked out of gyms too early to get coins is getting less and less as people are now able to spread around more.


I usually don’t need all 20 to get 50 coins. I usually have them by the time the first 3 or 4 are knocked down. Lots of times it’s the first one since it would be a gym I got the night before. Just don’t put your eggs all in one basket. I split my gyms between a few towns, so if someone goes on a tear in one place, I’m still covered in other places.


I had an speon for 9 days at a gym :joy: I left it at an abandoned church


Scary. Post up in Drop your current defenders

Im sure its gonna last long


My go to spot is on a bike path that you can’t drive to and have to walk up a somewhat steep hill. I’ll stop there and walk up it everyday on my way home from work because it gives me a chance to stretch my legs because it’s a long commute. But normally I’ll keep it for a couple weeks before someone tries to challenge me for it.


I like being in a gym. It let’s the community know that I was here. I don’t care about the coins. But if you’re going to take a gym go there physically and do so.


You’re a real trainer.


It was funny when I finally started doing raids last year with my local players. I had been taking all thier gyms for months, and they were like, “Oh, so you’re bobbyjack?”


That’s how I do it too but I never expect to get coins. But if I get them sweet! If not? It’s all good. Just not cool when it’s a spoofer that does it.


I actually wish gyms weren’t the center of everything. I wouldn’t even have to deal with spoofers if they didn’t influence the game the way they do. If Niantic was concious of what is happening they’d create a system where cheaters don’t provoke legits.


When we do raids now, my son is usually the only kid there. All the rest are adults and more than half of them are older than me. I have never encountered a Spoofer trying to join one of our raids though.