Has anyone noticed a reduction in the number of Pokémon nests?


My town is starved for nests anyway, only 3 small nests and 3 frequent spawn points but over the last 2 migrations one of the nests don’t produce anything but common Pokémon and the same with the spawn point. I can’t tell if it they are producing common spawns or if they are no longer nests.
Anyone else seeing anything similar?


It’s very rare for nests to become regular spawn points, but it’s well established that Nests do tend to go through phases. Unfortunately, it could be that you were just very unlucky.


I’m getting the feeling we have more and more nests with every migration.
Hopefully you’ll be finding more of them around you soon.


I work across the street from a great nest. It has had kabuto, geodude (rare for me), scyther, wobuffet, rhyhorn, eevee, pinsir, magmar and a few I’m forgetting. It’s also a water biome so plentiful magicarp and the occasional dratini

The last two migrations were nidoran female and spinarak :-1:t2:


We had a local nest that was “paras” then “pidgy” and now maybe eevee? it was previously previously houndour and totodile. Since it became a paras nest I visit I never see enough of any one Pokémon to make a call.

Hopefully we see improvements next migration.