Halloween Event Details!


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13 minutes ago
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These are the details for Halloween 2018:
→ Pikachu family (new look).
→ More spawn from Pokemon Ghost and Dark.
→ Special boxes.
→ New Avatar hat.
→ It will contain Double Candy for pokemon hatching, capture, transfers and Buddy Walking.

And a new loading screen, the first one since march!


If that’s everything I am not even hyped…


Why? Double candy is awesome.


Because we got double candies for Halloween 2016 & 2017 too, I actually don’t even need any more ghost candies. Perhaps a few to save for Dusknoir, but that’s it.


HYPED. Double candy


I Will be grinding during the event lol
But just my way. Not no-lifing


Since March? X Doubt


What do you mean? Haven’t we had the Quest background??


Hopefully, Niantic doesn’t see his post.

If they do they might change it.


Alolan Summer


May the Odds be ever in our favour then :joy:




Don’t even need that. My Holiday was at a park with a Duskull nest.

A few new Forms would be nice.



possibly gen 4 ghosts and dark types like they did last year and making gastly shiny




Is that the official Pikachu?


Idk but it could be


Hyped, double candy for everything!


Except evos :sweat_smile:.

Maybe things will change :wink: