Gym update preview at E3


I have found this on rediit.Is this true or false.After reading my hype just dropped down.


I pass by all the gyms I hold when I go back and forth to work, so I guess feeding them won’t be a problem. Hopefully it’s a once a week thing because of my days off.


Why would Niantic preview their new gym rework at E3? The answer to that is they wouldn’t. This is false.


Because E3 is perfect to present gaming related news. The internet is going to talk about the big changes, so I don’t see why the Pokemon Company shouldn’t present progress of their best mobile game.


Since the video has been removed by now and there is no official source stating anything on the subject matter, I think it would be best to take this information with a grain of salt.

Personally, I also doubt that Niantic would make such a big deal out of a comparatively small change as advertised in the video. I believe they’re aiming for something bigger than just feeding mechanics.


Guys trainer tips,Reversal and Mystic7 were at E3.They would have noticed if niantic was making an announcement