Gym Rework release date discussion


Hi all, what are your predictions on the release date of the Gyn Release? Solstice event ends on 20th, so maybe July 2nd?


Seems a bit far away from the event. The only logical thing would be that the gym rework drops after the event ends so that it keeps people engaged.


i was thinking that the reason behind the last event (rock and soltice) is it because gym rework isnt ready yet. the event makes trainer not focusing on when the major update come. it was late, but i think better late than they cant do anything for spoofer out there. hope niantic really make system that prevent spoofer take over this game any longer…


I’m guessing either June 22 or July 6. My thought is it will either be right on the heals of the fire and ice event or it will be on the anniversary.


I heard a rumor somewhere that the date would be June 16th. Can’t remember where I heard it though…