Gym Are Down, just now


Gyms just went down in my neighborhood, yours? Time for the rework to get in motion.


Mine are still up (East Coast US, 12:20pm)


Says “gyms_disabled_update” when u click on them


‘Gyms are under construction’ it says.


Here it is “Gymnasio en obras”


I’ve not had my gym pokemon returned yet. Looks like I might be able to collect in 12 hours. Think they are staying in gym until refurbished?


I highly doubt that they will stay in that long. Technically all the gyms should be empty already.


I just collected my defender bonus an hour ago. I haven’t gone back outside to see if my Pokémon got returned yet.


There have been tweets that they will returned over the next few hours.


I still have one that hasn’t been returned and all the gyms went down like nine hours ago


I still have 4 Pokemon that haven’t been returned yet. 2 new gyms and 2 new Pokestops that I can see from my house though. This game seems to be about to be more fun.


Checking in from the U.S east coast, all of my Mon’s have been returned to me. Anyone still yet to have their Mon’s returned to them?


All my Gyarados are drowning:

Am I the only one?


Mine are keeping their heads above water, but that’s about it.


Mine are bopping for apples ! :joy: