Great Friend details


I just got my first great friend. Here are details to what you get.

also would like to thank kushmaster. Not sure of forum name.

Remember to gift trainers. The more you gift the better!

edit- it happened so fast but i did recieve xp

think it was either 1k or 10k was really a surprise to see the pop up. Reminds me of ex pass, but looks way better.


7 days of friendship would have been today. I missed a few days of interaction with my son. He is jealous because one of the guys we raided with today is better friends with me than him.


I must of missed some days with some people, due to so many friends.

Trying my best :sweat_smile:


sameee bro. have too many friends, too many gifts. Probably wont gett all my friends to best friend status for another year.


We are a week into it and I still haven’t been able to get a single gift off to about 20 that have sent me one. I’ve also only sent multiple gifts to only a few just because they already have.