Got new stops and gyms? Tell us


I am curious to know more about the new wave of gyms and stops that we’re mentioned in a article on the main page a couple of days ago. I have been naging on Niantic to convert the remaining ingress portals in my town to PoGo. Nothing has happened yet.

So I am hoping to get them added in this new wave. Two nearby cities have gotten some stops and a gym. So its happening. Has anyone else seen some new ones? I’d like to know. One more thing I would be interested in knowing is if anyone has contacted Niantic about the matter and what they answered?


I haven’t noticed new stops recently, but last week they did remove one gym and add one near where I work. The gym they removed was only used by spoofers because it was at a big fountain in the middle of the lake and the only way you could reach it was by renting a boat, so it makes sense to get rid of it. The gym they added used to be a pokestop and is easily accessible.


Our city wich had 80+ gyms recieved arround 6 new additional ones, and also alot of new stops. All were in parts of the city tough where there werent many gyms before that. Pretty much all of them were added by the same Ingress player.

Interestingly tough: I also went to visit my parents last weekend, and i visited some small towns in the region there. I often do this cause it gets me some easy extra gym hours and golden badges.
I was excited hoping to find some new gyms, or atleast stops. There were NONE. I went trough 6 towns wich had 1 to 6 gyms, none had new ones.

Im happy there are some new extra gyms in my own city, but this does show the problem rural areas still have.


In my area, inside Valencia city, Spain, not one new stop or gym.


There’s been a heap of new Gyms and Stops added to my area.
I’ve also had a few Pokestops removed from near my work as the thing that icon in the photo disc is no longer present as the business has moved.


I live in a village where used to be 2 gyms and 2 pokestops. Yesterday I saw four more pokestops, wich is wonderful! Three of the new stops are in places where you cant get by car, so they motivate to go walking.


I’ve seen a few new stops but not any new gyms.


Seems like there has been a lot of new stops added. I conntacted them and they kinda gave me a generic reply. This is what they wrote.


Thanks for writing in.

While we are not accepting new PokéStop/Gym submissions directly through Pokémon GO at this time, you can submit a request for a location to be added to Pokémon GO through Ingress, another game offered by Niantic. Submissions will be reviewed by the Ingress player community for inclusion in Ingress and some of these locations will also be added to Pokémon GO. However, please keep in mind that not all Ingress Portals will become Pokéstops or Gyms.

In the meantime, if you are having trouble finding PokéStops or Gyms near you, please try visiting a local park, tourist attraction, or other interesting and historical locations in your community.

Also, I take this opportunity to clarify that Pokémon spawns are random and are different for each player, If the Pokémon is in the nearby list then you must walk around to find them. Keep exploring the nearby area and I am sure that you will see Pokémon.

Let us know if you have any further questions.


Post what country you live in so we can see if there is any pattern to the release.


The Netherlands A.K.A. Holland A.K.A im Dutch (apparanlty i need to type 30 characters so i had to fill it up a bit)


We were super excited in Bessemer City, nc because we had gyms and pokestops added to our area. The only downside is that I can’t keep anything in a gym now.


There are 14 portals that arent gyms in my home town Mönsterås (Swe). Highly annoying that they haven’t been able to get them in to Go. Ill try emailing them again. Hopefully I won’t get the same copy paste response again.


In the last days/weeks, Niantic seems to be in a real flow with changing stops and gyms…
It started some weeks ago. First one then two more new stops… Nice… Last week another new stop and a new gym. I am happy about every single one, so… yeah, great… Monday… I was doing a raid on my way home, only 20 meters away, another new stop popped up while I was watching! Guess I was the first player to spin it :smile:
But they had done more as I found out the next morning. One of my frequently visited stops had turned into a gym, a new stop was added about 50 meters away from the gym. Wow, I thought - they are really working on it!
Same day in the evening, sitting at home… I received a notification of a legendary raid nearby, I swiped around in the game to my “home gym” (the only one on the nearby), but nothing… So I swiped around more… One of the stops (2, or from Monday on 3 on my nearby from home) had turned into a gym. Another stop had been added near it (unfortunatly on a cemetery, not only is it closed at night, I also don’t think it’s OK to play on a cemetery…).
There has been so much change in the stops/gyms of my small town (16k people, Bavaria, Germany), that I’m quite sure things like that happend all over the world in the last days or maybe weeks. So I really wonder why nobody else has shared anything lately.


Thats not really Niantic doing anything. Probably an Ingress player in your town got to level 10 and started submitting new portals. Portals from Ingress get converted to stops/gyms in Pokemon GO, assuming they follow a few “rules” regarding S2 Cells. Find that player, and thank him/her :wink:

Since i became level 10 myself i submitted 21 requests, 2 came back positive, 6 negative, 13 still awaiting review. 1 of the 2 new ones already led to a new gym so im happy. I hope more will follow soon.


I didn’t know they get converted automatically, I thought there is still some kind of algorithm they start from time to time to do this.
You live and learn… Thanks


In my city they only remove it. That’s not funny​:thinking::disappointed:


Two New stops in the place where there are already enough. Still no gyms in our park:expressionless:


One PokéStops has become a gym. New PokéStops were added also, 7/8 or so.


I’ve got few new Gyms in my area close to home.
Some new ones to add to my Gold tally :grin:


Nothing new near to me…