Good morning :)


Good morning everyone! What are your Pokémon go plans for today?


Good midday to you too.


Good morning! I’m going to Chicago, IL to go to a museum. So I’ll be playing PoGo as well :smile:


Good night. 11:58pm here


XD have a good sleep


And it is now monday


Have fun at school/work


9am on Sunday here


I’m too old for school and only work 1 day a week, but due to fractured ankle can’t work for the next few weeks.


Oh well then that must be… nice?


It’s bittersweet. Nice not having to work, but that means a reduced income for the period I’m out of work. The injury also means I can’t fill the time with pogo. Nothing spawns in range of my home, nearest stop is about 500m away.

I’m rediscovering old ps1 games like crash and spyro.


Ps1 is always better than work though

  • Ps1
  • Work
  • School

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It actually is morning for me


It is getting eventing here. It is half past 5 pm




I wont to to school monday


? What?


I have no school then.


I have study day then