Going to a hockey game tonight, but you already know I'll be catching Pokemon ;)


What are your pokemon plans for tonight? I’m hoping to see a few legendaries, as it’s a hotspot for amazing pokemon :hugs:


Going to Carnival downtown hoping to get a few new Alakazam


@Cup I caught a few at the Big E and 1 even had 100% IVs. I wish you the best of luck!


Congratulations man and thanks I hope I get one as good as that


Yeah, it was through a raid. My dad and I had to duo it and it went pretty well. How do you plan on catching them?


Plan on catching a bunch of abra’s and doing any raids that pop up


Ahh, well good luck :slight_smile:


Thanks I’ll let you know how it goes time to start the day for me but the event won’t start here in Texas till 3 p.m. so I’ll post later let you know hopefully I get a hundred IV


Going to scouting and then Play Pokemon the 5 minutes going home, when the event just started. Then go sleep-in since it Will be very late (11pm)




Should that have been catching Puckemon :grinning:


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