Go-tcha wristband thoughts


What are you thoughts about this device?
Personally I think it’s not fair for the game. Why? because it’s reality playing the game for you, there is no interaction with the game unless you want to battle or power-up your Pokemons

Let me hear your opinion on this!


I watched Trainer Tips video on this yesterday… I have to agree with Nick it’s border line botting because you aren’t interfacing with the game in any way… But then again I do have a plus and it’s not much more interaction with the game using that…

I won’t be buying one, not because I have a plus but as Nick says there’s no garantuee that you’ll not get banned for using something that’s 3rd party.


Personally I wanted one as I always miss out on stops and never have enough balls. I wouldn’t use it to catch the Pokemon but now I don’t want it as it won’t encourage me to go out and get the stops. I’m a no on this gadget.


I agree it’s border line botting. Having a GO+ you barely interact with your phone, but you at least are enganging in the experience PGO offers. I strongly believe Niantic will do everything in their power to stop these kind of “unofficial” devices


As an avid user of the Pokémon GO Plus I personally see it as an upgrade from the GOPlus by the sheer fact that you can auto spin PokéStops which makes my life a lot easier especially on the bike in summer. I do get that people feel it’s used as botting but I’d personally be too afraid to actually use the auto-catch in the risk of missing a big spawn :slight_smile:


It feels to me as though I would just wear it when I went out and look at the game when I got back to see what happened. I feel like it would take the fun out of the game for me, sure I would level up quicker and heck maybe hatch eggs quicker than other people, but why should I be able to, that not pokemon go, that’s not how it was supposed to be played, it is supposed to be interacted with, and the lack of interaction is what, for me, puts it more into the ‘botting’ category than the gaming one. It’s not playing the game, it’s having a bot play the game for you while you walk around! p.s. are you the real reversal?


Do you have one?
Have you tested it?


Less interaction to the game with a higher price than the go plus…you’ll do the math.


Another concern is that Niantic will just stop the use entirely of the Go Plus if their software just gets abused like this, so Pokemon Community be careful about trying to take advantage because it might affect everyone else who plays by the rules!


Is this the real Reversal


Agree with the less interaction (I personally see it the same as botting) but for us people in the UK, it’s actually £5 cheaper than the GO+.


Maybe Niantic will upgrade the go plus. I agree, on the bike, it would be easier to auto spin.


Using this isn’t like botting… unless you’re using it by collecting items and catching pokémon by writing code lines for your account to follow a predetermined path of bot account nonsense. With this accessory, you’re a human and you’re going to move around like one. Bots aren’t run manually. They’re scripted. People program instructions for the bot accounts to follow. All the Go-tcha band is is a modded Go Plus when you really get down to it. In Nick’s video, you see it read as a Go Plus in-game. I would’ve purchased it instead of my 4th Go Plus the other day if I was guaranteed delivery by the beginning of the Rock Event. It’s ok though. I’ll throw more money to the Pokémon Company :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::money_with_wings:


Can I ask why would you need to buy many Go+ ? Are they not working probably or short timelife? I just ordered 1 and never use them b4


The first two I lost. Number one was clipped to my pants and it fell somewhere. Number two was clipped on my bag and I think it fell on the bus. The third one I left on a shirt I threw in the wash. It still functions, but the motor that makes it vibrate doesn’t work anymore. I clip them onto my shirt when I use it at work. I don’t like to use the wristband, but I may start to use it after all this!

Sad footnote to all this… the same happened to my newly acquired number four. BUT… it happened right as the rock event ended and since I caught it wet early and stuck it in a bowl of rice, it works!! The vibration isn’t as strong as before, but I’m ok with that. :joy:


Hahah… maybe you could get those cool elastic babd and and clip onto it? I heard some people clip onto an elastic ring they made or some sorti thought it’s very clever. Don’t clip them onto the clothes as Its so easy to forget after a long day outside playing.


I agree that the go-tcha is not botting, the only difference between it and the Go+ is the ability to auto spin and auto-catch. It still has the same flaws, in that it’s the game that tells the device when something is available, which from my 1 week experience is pokemon are prioritised over stops, and if you set it to only au8to collect, not auto catch, it still fails too many times. Some times because it alerts you of a near by pokemon, some times because the game just does not like acknowledging a stop until you’re out of range.

I thought this would be good for me when commuting as I drive past a reasonable number of stops in stop-star traffic and it would mean not having to touch the phone (which is now a motoring offence in the UK if the engine is running, even if you’re pulled to the side of the road with the hand break on), however I’ve found it rarely seems to pick the stops - I’ve left the screen on to keep an eye on it and to look at the colour of gyms. It is very effective, however at catching pokemon (which I’ve disabled).