Go Hub community day challenge - Totodile



For the Highest CP Feraligatr, I have a normal Feraligatr with CP2583, and I haven’t powered him up.


Now you and I will have some good water types :flushed:


Your right, really they are bader than normal days. For this my coment, they could let the parameters in peace.


78 Totodile caught: 2 shinies. One with 276 CP and the other with 662 (evolved into Feraligator, even that is lower than 2000). On the other ones, the best one had 816 CP. Luckly there was a raid with a Croconaw and got a 87%, that evolved into Feraligator.
19km walked in the 3 hours… 11 eggs hatched (for 480 coins the CD box was good): got a Budew, Wynaut and Munchlax (didn´t had any). But the best one was a Charmander. Was missing 19 candies to get my first Charizard. Already got it. :smile:


I think I have the highest cp shiny


Six shiny caught, best was 60% IVs, 1796 CP after evolution
Best non-Shiny was 96% with perfect Attack, CP of 2193 after evolution
Best egg hatch was a 100% Meditite


What was cp


I have a screenshot but like 850


7 shiny
960 highest totodile :smiling_imp:
1 Shundo
4 100 iv


I got a CP1044 Totodile. It had 93% IV, too.


I didn’t even come close to catching a higher CP Totodile than what I already had.


Same. Previous best in collection 93%.
160 Catches today with best of 82%. Not impressed Nianfail.


Caught 21 shiny which includes a shundo (shiny 100iv)


I probably got least totodile


drop a pic





Okay. @Spitafifire officially sucks


Congratulations @Spitafifire! Hydro Canon Champion.