Go Hub Community Competition : Squirtle


I issue a community day challenge to any and all trainers on the Hub.

For this community day;
Most shiny Squirtle-Wartortle-Blastoise
Highest cp Blastoise
Best IV Squirtle/Wartortle/Blastoise

Winner gets bragging rights. So that there is no draws ( same cp same iv same amount of Squirtle-Wartortle-Blastoise)
It will be a first come first post basis.

If anyone wants to add any certain criterias to the challenge that may make it more fun feel free to drop a idea and ill add it to this opening post.

Winner gets bragging rights.
Title of “Community day Hydro Canon has Champ”( not actual title just bragging rights)
Sounds fun?

1st time zone is JST (Japanese Standard Time)
2nd time zone is UTC/GMT (Universal Coordinated Time/Greenwich Mean Time)
3rd time zone is PST (Pacific Standard Time)


Unfortunately it seems I may not do great on this one as I’m on holiday in a rural area atm


Try and get the Sunglasses squirtle.


This doesn’t feel like a community challenge, more of a competition. I feel like a community challenge would be people working towards a goal in unity. Maybe this should be recategorized?


I’ll be at work tomorrow, but still plan to be out catching Squirtles.


Community day challenge. Been doing this 3 months now. Those other challenges to me are fake.

Not a real community challenge? A challenge is issued to see who can catch the most on community day in this community.

Most people are bored of community day and sometimes this is the only reason to even go “hard” on community day.

Those other challenges like i said seem super fake to me, and easy. I rather vs the community than work together.


Heard some areas in Japan had mode rain than normally so their community day was postponed. Since no1 posted, Japan timezone it will be DQ till their CDay.

Goodluck, UTC/GMT



this guy is insane


Congrats to @Stridey10 for winning the UTC/GMT timezone.


i caucht an amazing purple blastoise with cp 201


Heres what i got so far.

Enough candy.


I won for north americas.

This topic can be closed.

Good luck next community day.


14 total shinies.


jeez you won.

edit - wish i got a perfect




cp 201 isn’t very much, what level are you?


You can’t catch a shiny Blastoise.


I did not catch the blastoise. I developed it with all the sweets I had. I wish blastoise was better


Same here. Blastoise should totally be top tier. I think we need a cp rebalance.