Go Hub Community Challenge : Larvitar

First 1,5 hour it feel like dratini CD again network error, lag, etc
But after that we get 2 hours extra (i am in Indonesia), with easier catch rate, and larvitar just stay still, so pinap all the way
Start with 580 candy and after evolving 6 Smack Down Tyranitar, still have 590 candy
So overall it is a good CD for me, no complain…

They always seem to get connection error.

I got a 1/0/0

Nothing, three Larvitars, then not able to connect to PTC at all. Several had same issues. I don’t have a Tyranitar, so shiney or not, didn’t matter. BBC even mentioned the issue, was all over Europe, but Niantic stated that they had fixed it(after the event was over).

The tyranitar was caught during community day but I evolved it after community day so it did not get smack down. I’m in PST

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Suppose it’s too late for me to mention my 24 shiny larvitar from australia? XD @5GodLink


I can still see ur shell Dre’s stop hiding them

It’s because I did not get them during the event

lol ok

but there still really visible