GO Hub Articles - Terrakion makes its debut as new Tier 5 raid boss


Yesterday marked the transition point from Cobalion to Terrakion as raid boss at the Tier 5 level. It was received with gladness by local raiding fans, as the outgoing boss was less relevant in the meta, so to say.

GoHub has a good general-info page for Terrakion here:


And a pretty good best-counters page here:

Note that the lowest weather-boosted CP is correct on the third page’s infographic, but the first page differs:

2553 – 2641 (Boosted Level 25 raid catch in Cloudy and Partly Cloudy)

Whether that was an error or just a typo, I knew it was off when my first raid (weather boosted) got this:


Is it only me, or is this thing ridiculously hard to catch? We did 4 raids in yesterday’s raid hour and 2 of 4 fled me (weather boosted though). It’s not only not staying in the ball it also jumps right after finishing the attack etc… :persevere:


Mmh, we do it with 8 players and only one fled…


Raided 6 and allready finished for this month.


I think it’s you. Did 6 raids with 2 phones and had a catch ratio of 12/12. :stuck_out_tongue:


Seems like every Legendary tends to break out of every throw (consistent with their 2% catch rate), and every one has its own way of jumping around a lot and making us miss throws (until we get accustomed to its particular timing, which sometimes takes a dozen encounters, plus or minus a few).

It’s frustrating to lose even one; but keep at it, and by next week you’ll have the hang of it to the point that you’ll wonder how you had so much trouble with it this week…


I guess I’m just not used to that any more… We have barely raided Cobalion after getting the dex entry and some spares, that means no legendary raids for me for weeks… :blush:


Jumping and attacking doesnt mean anythijg when you know how to throw them
Moving up and down/side to side is annoiyng tho


Knowing HOW to throw them is one thing. Getting familiar with just WHEN in that pattern of movements to make your throw is just as important, though. To be a half-second too early or late can mean throwing an air-ball in some cases, even if the throwing technique and aim are correct.


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