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I found a way to exploit this snorlax event. Use fast tm’s


It’s fun getting one or two of those sleeping Snorlax but that’s pretty much it. :confused:


What do you mean?


Use fast tm to learn Zen Headbutt or lick


Oh okj. I have a 98&96 munchlax so I think they will be more useful.


This is fun event for AR photos


Yea tge pictures are the best part


I’ll post on Discord so you still see them


You can use barry just 1 time on him


Found my first Snorlax.


Lol awesome


It’s good time to get more Snorlax candy due to 100% catch rate regardless of CP


It truly is! Should prove useful once I finally get a great one worth powering up all the way.




I have noticed that since I updated to version 0.145.0 that I catch Snorlax on the first ball. No longer have to use 3.


The Candy build is great but I do feel as those 2 yrs of chasing a rare Pokémon and using Passes on Raids has been cheapened by saturating the game and giving them away now.
Makes on question the effort put in for some things. Might as well just wait it out and they’ll give it away eventually.


What you’re saying gets me mad I understand you have something rare then they re-release it and it cheapens it they need to take a lesson from Magic the Gathering and once it’s released that’s all there is if you don’t get it you don’t get it it also makes you push harder knowing once it’s gone it’s gone

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The problem with that is you are inadvertently punishing players who left the game and returned, or have come for the first time. This is a model that Nintendo even stays away from, as they occasionally re-release Mythicals and Legendaries via handouts through special events for the core games (like the Year of Mythicals for ORAS).

The idea is to encourage players to stay with the game, but also allow new players to catch up.