GO Hub Articles - Appraisal Rework, New PvP UI, Charge Mini Game and Team Rocket in 0.149.0 update



I have yet to see everything in the update myself, but to be honest it seems like I do not want to have anything coming in the new update in the game.


Why not?


You dont? Appraisal just got 10 times easier. Charge moves seem more fun to activate and when that team rocket stuff goes live well have a new feature.
The only negative to this update for me is the new fast catch being gone.


Which to me also is the biggest change in this update.


It is useful for quick sorting out a bunch of catches. I’ll keep using my Genie for exact measurements.


Old fast catching is still in


The update is now available for all devices. Just downloaded mine from iOS. That being said, the new battle minigames for Charge moves doesn’t seem to be on yet.


I’m cool with all new improvements


Try that while walking around with 2 phones (Ingress and PoGo in my case). :slight_smile:


Someone has been busy:

A video from Chrales show shadow Pokemon


Liking the appraisal system a lot.
Catch a big pile of stuff. Start appraisal on one then just keep swiping sideways to see next one for instant result.
Star the ones to check in more detail with a IV App, mass transfer the rest.


Jokes on you, Ive even tried it a couple of times with the hand I was holding the phone in :joy:
But yeah the new one was much better


If its random catches even just type “4*” in the search bar and you only get the 100% IV ones.
“!4*” will give you everything thats not 100% so you can easilly mass transfer a ton of mons.


Nice one, thanks. Found out I got more than i knew.

14 hundo’s.


For those using Poké Genie there is an update. If you run 0.149.0 on Android you have the new appraisal system. The old system (pre 0.149.0 is still in place and works like before.)
See the picture below about how to use, it’s different:


Perhaps this new appraisal system is a portent to the introduction of protein/iron/calcium as new items for increasing IVs?
The fill-able bars certainly make it easier to see and quantify incremental improvements. Here’s hoping… :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::slightly_smiling_face:


This appraisal improvement is one of the best Quality of Life update in the history of the game, it could be better to show the concrete IV percentage as well.

Also, is the charge mini game in PvP active yet?


I’m hoping to see Bottle Caps be implemented. Would that be awesome?


What did they do? Can’t remember.