Girantina Origin Form


Girantina Origin form is arguably way better than the altered form!

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  • No, I don’t agree

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Let me explain why…

Altered Form, the one currently out, has these stats
187 attack
225 defense
284 stamina

while Origin Form, has
225 attack
187 defense
284 stamina

But what will become of the Origin Form?
Will Girantina stay for 2 months?
Post your thoughts on this and how good you think Origin form will be in the metagame.


I would choose more atk over anything any day.


Shoot, keep voting wrong. Since the quest system is in the game, the piece to change Girantina between forms could be achieved through quests.


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Besides the stat, it looks better too


That or Halloween Event 2019. I hope it’s a quest!


Yeah, but I would rather have gen 5 than another form. Anyway to get closer to Z moves and Mega Evolution.