Gifts get a substantial nerf - discussion


Doesn’t seem right with the bundles …
Also had an egg slot


It’ll be tomorrow before I know for sure but that sure does look like a nerf.

Nice whilst it lasted.


Short answer, yes they’ve been nerfed :rage:. We had a good thing going Niantic, what did you do?? I enjoyed the 20 pinaps a box, now i get none​:tired_face:


The 7km egg drop rate seems to have lowered :smile: which is good, alolans were becoming too common


Jokes on them, i still have 9 in storage.


I seen 10’s my bag got full quick.




RIP gifts actually being worth anything :cry:


I know! Yesterday I got 20 Pinaps + an egg, and today 1 super potion and 1 hyper potion. :confused:


It’s still free items that we don’t have to do any work for. It’s also helpful in the fact that players with bags stocked couldn’t utilize the gifts because I was getting 10 items at a shot. Yes it’s a good problem to have but these are bonus items, Niantic didn’t ever promise gifts, they offer them as both a bonus and a tool that is useful to rural players and second shift players who are always able to congregate and do raids together. Same thing with bonus damage and bonus balls, an incentive they are giving us.


Your bag got way to full


It was a needed nerf. After 1 day i was already tired of the full bagspace which now happended more and more as before.

Also, the more ‘powerfull’ items were too easy to get now. Max revives, pinaps, great/ultra balls were coming in harder then i needed them.

I prefer catching and raiding over a storage management game


In one day, after opening just a few gifts, i gained:
20 pokeballs,
20 great balls
over 60 ultra balls
70 pinaps
I had to upgrade my bag TWICE!!
Sad to see them made so redundant and worthless though


I had less than 200 Ultras after the last community day. At least I don’t have to grind for Squirtle Squad day :sunglasses: