Germany Event October


New Event Gaming Germany:

Exclamation mark unown will be available at gaming event in Germany from October 5th to October 7th and Niantic is attending, too.

Anyone going to this?


Where is that?


Bc i might go too


Why must they keep making events that only benefit a very small number of players? Surely a world wide event makes so much more sense.


But they do make worldwide events
Like the one that is going on right now


Where? If ist’s near enough I might consider a day trip…




I’m referring to events where unown is much more common.


And these are used to promote regional events, doesnt make sense to release lets say "Europe"all over the world
Or “worlds” when they are happening in only one city


Point was that they should stop making regional events which only result in 99% of players missing out. These regional events are also a heavy driver that make people spoof who otherwise wouldn’t.

Niantic is really out of touch with expenses involved in an international trip from the opposite side of the world.

Many players can’t afford to buy raid passes or incubators except with what they earn through gyms, what hope have these players got in being able to afford to travel?

It simply isn’t right that certain players benefit simply because of where they live, while others miss out.


But there are still worldwide events, why not add in some regional events? Some players miss out worldwide events too, should all events be canceled?


The world wide events are lacking significantly compared with these regional events. If they would have an unown event world wide, that would be great.


This is source and location, I also saw a tweet from them I think


so no date or source for the !-unown. Just a pokestop. Good source…


City name??


Here it is, Erfurt, Germany.
MAG = Manga, Anime, Games



520 km for me. Not gonna happen. And i think @Kevin260709 won’t go either.


Thats too far for me.


I found a source @punica, and @Kevin260709 , and it is in a new article.


I will post the article then