Gengar raid day?


Just got this in Game and it basically says we get a Gengar raid day, like the birds’ days & possible shiny in November 3rd…

There are some inconsistencies (talking about this Saturday but then November 3rd… ) Looks Like this was not supposed to be published today.

Here is a Tweet with the Englisch Version




All good, but my 100% Gastly still needs a CD… and yes, I got the post as well.


I saw Gengar in raid today. Don’t need one. Used my pass on Giratina.


Shiny Gengar. :smiling_imp:


@kRe @5GodLink will you participate


Honestly im gonna raid till I get the shiny…no use in getting a gengar I have to tm…plus I already have a hundred I hatched a few weeks back


Not that excited, other than for the candy (20 per catch with pinap):drooling_face::drooling_face:


Again, rather disappointing news, maybe Ive just got spoilt in the past two years with all those wonderful events and the recent ones are unsatisfactionairy and feels kind of empty and the only culmination is just another shiny thats gonna be pita to get :man_shrugging:


Sad that its not this Saturday (40 candies)


Obviously. A shiny is always wanted :smiling_imp:


A bit of a poor choice, going from legendary birds to a mere Gengar, but we are limited with only one legendary Ghost which has just been released…


I’m going to participate and probably lead a team if my Discord group needs me to. But I don’t really need any more Gengars. I just left two to die in gyms last week.


I pinap a wild Gengar and got 40 candies. Given the exclusive move psychic on Gengar raid day, not very excited about it. But if shiny is caught, just show off in gyms.


Lol, not much to show off either, they look pretty much exactly the same :rofl:


i like it. The only thing i wonder is if it will be a tier 4 boss or tier 3. Tier 4 will mean i’ll need more people to raid and i’d rather do this in a small team.


But all you really need for T4 is just one more, unless you plan on doing as much as you can, then full lobbies 15s job and move on to next one. I honestly not gonna put any effort or money for gengar day and will take one friend with me for few raids and maximum amount of rewards


I just wanted to share the news as quickly as possible when it popped up yesterday (and there had been nothing on GoHub or Twitter at that moment), just in case it gets removed again.

So… am I excited? Not really. I like Gengar. I have a 100% IV maxed-out Gengar, but not with the legacy move. The exclusive move is not too great in my opinion, so that’s not a reason to raid.
It’s also after the Halloween event, so we won’t get double candy on it (though 20 with a pinap berry is not too bad, either).
Will I raid? I will definitely use my free passes. And if I enjoy it I might continue until I get a shiny… I love shinies :star_struck:


the exclusive move isn’t confirmed yet @kRe


It is, Psychic is the exclusive move.