Generation III - Gen 3 shines in gyms


I am mad I saw someone who had a shiny aggoron, (unrelated) someone else had two unknowns Which ones do you have


Only shiny I’ve managed to find was Pikachu and that was during the community day


Just one sableye


Two magicarp and one unown


I caught a Shiny Aron today but it will be a long time before I power it up and evolve it. I have much stronger Arons that will be Aggrons first.


Shiny Unown?


Lol no, just a regular M unown


Two Unown, I and W
One shiny pikachu
One shiny Swablu
Two shiny Gyarados
One shiny Duskull


Shiny dratini :stuck_out_tongue:



Well now I have a shiny hated pickachu that I got on the first day


3 shiny dratini, shiny mightyena (was a poochyena)


I feel so lucky, I have four pikachus, five dratinis, one gyarados, one glalie, two arons and a shuppet (all shinies).
No unowns though


2 gyarados, 2 Dratini, 1 Dragonair, 1 Dragonite, 2 mawile. And 1 non-safari zone unown (B)


I’ve got Shiny Dragonite and Shiny pikachu, oh yeah, and 13 Unowns lol (No, I don’t spoof lol, Safari Zone)


Damn. I thought shiny unown was myth😩

Aaron is dodging me!


There is no Shiny Unown.


Oh he troling


Still can’t find an Unown


Well, at least you have a lot of shinys