General info of my friends list


To all pokemon go fans. I organized my friends list. Now, i will only be accepting team mystic on my main account. Mystic.

Other account will be once i start there ill see what ill chose.

So add me only team mystic players.

Here is my trainer code. Go team mystic!


Nice, was in Florida when the game came out and enjoyed it. Will friend you soon. Cool story!!! I am in USA like you but in California.


What level are you @Wolfbelrog ? :smiley::relaxed:


Cool i will go there. Be there everyday then. But wont know what he will look like. Heh. -thinks-


@Lucario and @Blaze you can easily meet each other! Any update on your level @Blaze?


Got to lvl 7 from lvl 1 in 2 mins after alot of gifts given. n.n


So what team are you on now? Tip: Spin every stop , do every raid, and catch everything that moves


Uh team? I am on no team. Havent been to a gym yet nor a pokestop. Im at home. Its like 11:55 p.m. here. Started few hrs ago i think. Checked back on 11:15 acceoted lots of gifts lvled up to 7. But ill walk tomorrow. See which one ill choose.


If you are level 5 you have to be on a team…


Ill do lvl one raids till im higher lvl for other higher graded raids. I only carry bulby an charmy. Only two pokemon i have. One 10 cp an other 62 cp…sad. But i guess it will get better.


@Blaze if you do @Lucario’s walk you could get to level 17 in like a day.


Oh yeah lucky eggs i have five of them.


An cool! Cant wait till i join a team by spinning gym top to join a team an start tomorrow.


Team valor please!


4 a.m. thou. Get a good start. Have some money for burger king on the way. An burger king on the way back. Ill be walking around this place 4 a.m. til 7 p.m. an carry my charger thats important.


I love fire. Im :fire: with it. An valor? Ok ill join ya. @Pokemon


Thanks for the gifts! I will keep sending weekdays. When you see a gift from “Meridian City Hall” that is me. How was the visit from your girlfriend?


Woah…She is harsh…


So you do your walk with him?