General Chat - I got to meet MYSTIC7


He was dope to meet in person, and I use his choice of words intentionally. We got to raid a Giratina, we traded for distance (I got a Mr. Mime from Berlin), and he basically shouted me out to the rest of the group for being a hundo Lucky Charm (we caught a hundo Buneary literally right after). Once the Denver video is up, I’ll post it here.

Has anyone else got to meet MYSTIC7 or any of the other big Pokemon GO YouTubers? Talk about your experience here!


Congrats bro awesome


I think i have seen Reversal in the first week of Pokémon go on Kijkduin but i didnt know there were Pokémon go YouTubes yet lol

I have seen him hut i havent met him


I follow Trainertips. Hope to meet him. I would like to battle and trade with him. But that probably doesn’t happen. Or there have to be a big event in The Netherlands.


Mystic7, please come to Canada if you are reading this, specificly BC


I dont really watch many Youtubers now, only Linus and UnboxTherapy
When Sword and Shield comes out I may play it along with one of the many Pokemon youtubers but I dont see a point in watching Go youtubers (for me at least)


I met mystic7 during the santa monica youtuber event


You lucky dog you. M7 is one of my faves. Positive guy with a positive outlook.


I literally didn’t even know he was in Denver until the day of. I only have an hour to get down to where he was having the meetup. Thankfully, I live close enough to downtown to get there with time to kill.


If he ever visite the Hague or Delft i Will come lol


i see Reversal every CD he’s not on a trip. Never really met or talked to him but that’s fine for me. I lert him do his thing and i’ll do my thing (playing on 2 phones at once for 3 hours so my GF can get some shinies aswell)


The video of me meeting MYSTIC7 has been uploaded, and you can see me showing up at about 15:24, wearing a white jacket and the N7 hat.


I still can’t get over the fact that we have video-game-player celebrities now… what a hoot!


They’re better than normal celebrities most of the time. XD


Would expect more forumers to meet youtubers.

edit- i have played with a rapper before




Sup yall


It must be a great experience.
If he would ever come to my city i would love to meet him.