General Chat - Goodbye everyone


I think a few of you have probably seen this coming, since I’ve been on the site less and less but I’m here to say I’m leaving the forum. I might be back eventually, but for now, I will be leaving. I’ve been here since 2nd of October last year, and I intend to return on that day, just to say hi. I hope you guys all have luck with the game in future. But for now, I will depart. Goodbye everyone.


I hope to ever see you back at the forum!


October 2 is only 2 weeks away. Go catch a Mewtwo tomorrow and then let us know how you feel about the game. I’m so excited, I can’t wait for tomorrow.


Well bye :slightly_frowning_face:


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And much more

Yay, another regular is leaving!


Best of luck to @Mapman42!



Lol , why though


I don’t really go on that much, but I probably won’t quit anytime soon


I mostly go on here to play along with the community challenges. Not sure why though.


What do you mean lol




I’m back, not wanting to leave too soon.


you are like my little brother who years ago was going run away from home and left a note:
“ran away from home, i’ll be back at 5 for dinner”