Gen 4 Spawns Gone?


Since waking up this mornings I haven’t seen even one Gen 4 Pokemon

Anyone else seeing this or am I just unlucky at the moment?


Maybe no gen IV Pokémon around @ChrisMullins87 place


No Gen4 here in the moment


Neither here…


I have gen IV Pokémon spawning around my house


Certainly possible - they may not be fond of the fog.

But not seeing anything for an hour and a half is unusual give what was a very high spawn rate before.


Perhaps it’s because of Community Day?


Yah @Jormdeworm might be right @ChrisMullins87 , have your Beldum community day started?


No Gen 4 on the radar here either.


I looked at my journal and I caught a Krickatot about an hour ago.


there popping up in my area


i just saw a chimchar


I’ve seen a few Gen4 Pokemon now, but the spawn rate is definitely significantly lower at the moment.

I made this topic before the community day, and over an hour and a half afterwards I’m still seeing lower than normal spawns.

Anyone else notice/experience this?

Hopefully this is in preperation for the halloween event starting today or tomorrow


Caught 3 Turtwig, 6 Piplup, 1 Chimchar, 1 Lopunny and 1 Kricetop during the event.
The rates are down. Many spawns that had 6 pókemon showing up, today only had 3, with 1 of them be Beldum. On 3 Gyms there where no pókemon around. Don´t know if it was a bug but caught half the pókemon from CD than i had got on the Squirtle day(the last time i could fetch them).


Eh, probably Thursday, but maybe Monday or Tuesday for Halloween.

Edit: So many proper nouns lol


Spawn rates definitely changed. Caught just one starlie today. Saw a Pikachu, Bulbasaur and Squirtle. Outside the Kanto event never seen those on the same day…


Just evolved


Staraptor is good @bobbyjack8




I caught a few today. Pretty excited for this journey