Gen 4 Release Date



I think Gen 4 is coming sooner than you think. Generation 3 legendaries are coming to a close on September 16th. Last year, shortly before the last Generation 2 legendary left, Ho-Oh, Generation 3 was released, and ehen Ho-Oh left, Groudon came :grin:. So we definetly could see a release before Regirock leaves, but there is something else. Before a genearation is released, a small wave of thst genearation comes out. Any day now, this could happen. :grin:




I think it will be the ultra reward.


Yes, the Ultra Reward… but maybe just a small wavr like the gen 2 babies or the gen 3 starters.


I dont think ultra bonus will be an update


No i’m just saying that it could be the gen 4 babies or something like thatm


I replyed to Jorm lol


I do hope we see Gen 4 soon. Still don’t have registeel though.


I think,like everytime,In the winter a new Gen will arrive.The ultra bonus is maybe Mewtwo Day.


I hope it’s not…


For me gen4 december 2018 or early 2019.
There are nothing in the apk for now related to gen4.
ZeChrales showed this


Nope. Thats a year after gen 3 so it will not happen.


No no I think its september.


Would be a nice Holiday present for me :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha :joy::joy::rofl:. Its an awesome gift, yea.


My guess, after Mewtwo being gone, but at most 10 days after Mewtwo his departure


No, maybe a couple days before like last year