Gen 4: Rampardos


Will you use Rampardos?


Would it be like a budget ttar just like Hariyama to Machamp?


It has higher attack so… no. :grin:


If it’s better for it’s type than what I already have I will most definitely chase for and catch as many as I can.


Yeah, but probably wont power him up unless I get a 100IV one


His attack stat though…


And his bulk holds him down
Might not be the wisest choice to power up


194 stamina isnt bad compared to other usable pokemon,… it COULD be better than TTAR in some situations


194 STA is not enough


You like your ttar, I see.


Not only that, but I dont think I will have enough dust left and there will probably always be a better option
Unless I get a 100IV one


That defense stat though