Gen 4 meta pokemon


So I know there are some berry clear pokemon set to be meta in gen 4 such as mamoswine but what do you guys think will be some of the best additions? And is there anything you think that’s going to be a bit of a surprise?


Rhyperior, Tangrowth, Electrivire, Magmortar, Dialga, Girantina, Garchomp, Gallade, Torterra maybe, Palkia. Mainly those, I forget some, so I’ll add l8r. ROSERADE


Magnezone, Mamoswine & Togekiss


Hopefully with Togekiss they’ll add a Fairy fast move. I mean, with the new update they already messed up the original Pokemon Stats from the core games. Won’t be so bad to debuff a new Fairy Charge Attack and make it Fast.


I’m ready for Glacion and Leafion.


Togekiss and Giratina definetly arent meta Pokemon and Dialga is underwhelming


Garchomp - need to say anything?
Mamoswine - best ice
Electivire - best Electric DPS
Tang - best non FP Venu grass Mon
Heatran - should be the best fire type overall
Darkrai - best dark Mon
Roserade - grass and poison DPS, Poison queen
That should be it, at least for the best of this generation


There’s no chance I’ll be able to Raid enough Darkrai yet get great IV’s to replace my Maxed out Big Green Dark Lords.


Lucario? Or is that the wrong gen?


Darkrai will probably be the next EX-Raid Pokémon, like Deoxys was. It makes sense, it is kind of in the same boat. Am I right?


Right gen, but I don’t think we know so much about it. Also, there are better Pokémon for each type it has. Machamp, Megatross to be, Dialga (underwhelming like @Necrozmadabest said, but Dialga nonetheless), Gallade.


Yes you can get Lucario’s pre-evolution out of a 10km egg currently.


Rhyperior is the best!


Rampardos with 295 attack and smack down rock slide


DPS-wise, Rampardos may outclass Tyranitar from rock typing, and Weavile may outclass Tyranitar from dark typing. But Tyranitar is more bulkier than them.


Honchkrow and Rampardos are those Pokemon that you power up if you have a lot of dust and want to / need to short-man raids, a TTar or Rhyperior (if you dont have enough SD TTar) are generally better
@Pokemon I have to disagree with the first two places, Mamoswine is the first awesome Ice Type and it will have a lot of use
Rhyperior is overshadowed by Garchomp, Groudon and Smack Down TTar


These will be useful.


As Ive said, its outdated


But Rampardos has an awesome moveset :joy:


Go Hub provides almost no info though, even the database only has the best DPS movesets and nothing more