Gen 4 found in the datamine!


Gen 4 is found in the datamine.It could be the ultra bonus unlock!:grin:
I have no idea when it will release.Maybe next week…
Lets see!!




@Kevin_v_Hoften you copied me :sob:


No this is the article i made.


This has been known for a while and this code was actually removed from the data a few weeks ago. IMO we’ll see a large event in October where the first Gen4 pokemon come out kinda like Gen3 last halloween


I think new evolutions would be released from gen 4.Then the winter gets the wild Gen 4 Pokémon.


seems legit.


No, the entire gen 4 code was found, but he is trying to find the actuall version before data.ining.

For some reason he removed the posts 4 hours after posting it, but I was fast enough.


GEN 4 HYPE!!! (Hopefully it doesn’t take too long for it to release)


Not really, it would be a Evolution Event