Gen 4 coming soon?!


This is what Niantic has shared a few hours ago. As you can see, I’ve marked the gen IV starters. Could this mean we will see gen IV coming very soon? What do you think?


When do you think gen4 will be coming?

  • August
  • Oktober
  • November
  • December

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Hope It’s August


There’s also celebi


We will probably get Celebi Quest first after Go Fest. Then Gen 4 will be slow roll out like Gen 3 did.


Most likely, but not really nice. I wanted to catch them all for the first time on the same Lucky Egg.


Lol @MEME like spam

P.S i hope that they add new berries or items to the game. Mega evolution would be cool too.


Ya but they will add speed it is comfirmed.


Didn’t Niantic make Bluk & Wepear Berries a long time ago? They could release them now.


Now that I think about it… what IS the other berry???


Wepear. Just found on the Go Hub while searching for ‘Bluk’… :joy:


Speed is coming to pokemon go it is comfirmed.


What berry is weaper berry supposed to resemble?


I really don’t know. You should look on the Go Hub if you want to know that.

Here’s a tip how you can find it.


Gooood tip.


When do you think gen4 will be in Pokémon GO?

  • Late July
  • Early August
  • Late August
  • Early September
  • Late September
  • Early October
  • Late October
  • Early November
  • Late November
  • Early December
  • Late December
  • Early January 2019
  • Late January 2019
  • Early February 2019
  • Late February 2019

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Ik,But this is about gen 4 not something else




They should be released tomorrow, shouldn’t they? I think we’re really close to the gen 4 starters now…