Gen 4: Azelf, (Valor Pokemon) , Uxie (Acuity Pokemon, and Mespirit (Verity Pokemon)



Azelf is a gen 4 legendary with 2945 cp, 270 attack, 151 defense, and 150 stamina. It will fit nicely with the other physic types. Uxie is another gen 4 legendary with 2316 cp, 156 attack, 270 defense, and 150 hp. It doesnt have much use in the future meta… Mespirit is yet another Gen 4 legendary with 2825 cp, 212 attack, 212 defense, and 160 stamina. It is the most balanced of the Lake Guardions and will probably have the most use. What are your thoughts?


These will be better in the meta than alakazam and espeon probably!


Mesprit will have no use, Azelf is a decent glass cannon, about as good as Alakazam and Espeon (or Mewtwo, of course)


And uxie is a dissapointment…


Mesprit too


Not really… it has a decent attack and defense stat…


And that doesnt mean anything when your competition as pure psychic is Alakazam, Espeon, Azelf and Mewtwo
Even Mew beats it
And Gardevoir,Gallade…


Yes, true. Azelf will be a beast, mespirit will be decent, and uxie will be awful…


He is super OP best of all


With all the pokemon available, decent = bad. If it’s not top tier, it has no use.


Mesprit is decent


Azelf will have use. If I get one weather boosted, I’ll use it as my go to physic


Why not use Mewtwo tho


Many peopke like me can not get mewtwo. I live a hour walk from the closest ex-raid eligible gym.


Use a car and communicate with the locals, Ive also lived very far from the closest EX Gyms (until weve maneged to trigger one where we live)


I’m not old enough😅 And very few people play in my area.


Who will use azelf?


I think i would.


I might, but then again I already have my Mewtwo army


Highly unlikely here too.