Gen 3 spawns event


I haven’t seen only gen 3s - still a lot of oddish and marill etc…

What have you seen?


Hoot Hoot and Weedle


if normal eventtimes are used the event starts in 8 hours from this post (maybe 9, most likely 8)


Thanks bro!


I am pretty sure that they will start spawning in a few hours, around 1 pm for me


I’m looking forward to getting a few more star pieces and special incubators. It would be really nice to be able to get them ala carte, though, rather than in ‘bonus’ boxes combined with items I already have enough of (e.g. lucky eggs) or never need (like special raid passes).


They will probably start with the boxes and new mons, so in 4 hours I think


Has it started yet? I still see some other gen pokemon.


it will start soon. 1:00 clock for me




That’s it started.


All I see on my radar is Swablu right now.


Good for you, they can be shiny and require 400 candy to evolve


Yeah you are not able to capture gen 1, 2 Pokemon except regionals from now on.


I’m sick of swabul…seems half of all spawns are swabul


I have seen exactly 0 swablu, and exactly 2 camerupt since the event started…


Over 300 Swablu candy now, cant wait to evolve her


I have 6 swablu candy, Im just hoping they will be more common at home


I got 70 very easily so it shouldn’t be too hard.