Gen 3 Pokemon Hunting




It is making me mildly upset that I see people who already have evolutions of gen 3 starters and other rare pokémon, and Iḿ just here with my mightyena and my CP 780~ Treeco.


Just finished my hunt, was going through and IV checking everything and caught this and didn’t even realise


Here it seems that Delibird and Spheal have the same frecuency as Pidgey. There was a moment this afternoon I had 3 birds and 3 Balls on the radar.


Gen three seems to be everywhere since the winter event started. Outside of delibird and the same pikachu from last year almost all I see is gen 3. Tons of spoink, spheal, makuhita, meditite and the green electric thing (name slips my mind right now). I’m also seeing way more mudkip and torchic…well, I didn’t have any before yesterday and I’ve caught several of each the past two days. Still tons of treeko and roselia

I haven’t seen any of that fat whale, so the 400 candies is looking like it will take forever.

I’m also kind of annoyed I didn’t get my free incubator today…was I supposed to wait until they released that to spin a pokestop?



Nice ! I still have not caught meditite.


Awesome moment (combo ×7)


@HeracrossVille, I got the incubator a moment ago, it’s for single use only.

And @Yoshi, o my god, what a nice stuff you have found… nearly nothing of this you can find here.


Corphish was hatched by a 5km egg, not directly being captured. Let’s call it a day.


I got today a Luvdisc from an 5km egg, nice finding


I got it from a 2km egg, weird


Catched today afternoon…


Very productive night on the hunt last night.
Was targeting Slakoth and Wailmer on the Map for Pinap treatment.
Feebas has now been set as my buddy. These popped up on the Map roughly one every 2hrs while I was in the area but some were in un-reachable locations without trespassing or a boat :roll_eyes:.


Today I’ve catched 10 Wailmar in a row. If they go on this way, the 400 candies are not sooo dificult.


Still haven’t seen a wailmer except one that was a raid I couldn’t get to


I haven’t seen a Wailmer except for a raid either. Was planning on that to be my next buddy Pokemon.


I got 16 Wailmers over 2 nights in 8hrs in one great hunting ground for vitally every thing 40min drive from where I live. 1/4 of my Pokemon play has been done here and in the early day it would have easily been half my play time.
I’m making sure I Pinap all theses too.


Right now I’m only hunting seedots because I have all the final evolutions of the ones I’ve caught so far.


I have seen one I the wild and another in a raid. Not looking promising here